SesamMe's goal:

Spreading the great qualities and amazing flavour of sesame to everyone that likes healthy and trendy food is what SesamMe stands for. We aim to introduce our premium products to the world and hope that everyone that tastes our hand-crafted Tahini and Halva will fall in love with them the way we did.


Traditional production meets premium quality  

For many years SesamMe has specialized in the creation and production of a diverse range of sesame based products, and have started our UK activity 3 years ago.



The production methods used in our factory are based on traditions and knowledge that have been passed down through generations and generations of artisans.


The best ingredients, the best process

We use specially sourced Ethiopian seeds, one of the highest qualities available in the world, gone through a traditional process of meticulously cleaning, drying and preparing.

The sesame seeds are ground in hand carved mills, and manually operated grinding stones, which produce raw tahini of the highest quality… 100% sesame with no preservatives or stabilizers.

The tahini, as raw material, contains remarkable nutritional values, and is then used in innovative ways to produce natural flavoured Halvas.

All of our products are hand made, mixed, with natural ingredients ( no artificial flavours); nuts, chocolate, fruit etc and are made at a premium quality level.


More to enjoy

Together with our Tahini and Halva we are launching a range of sesame products and related health products such as date honey and tahini granola, tahini cookies, ice cream and more.


A British success

Today, you can buy our great products in several locations:

in Camden Town, Westfield White City, Selfridges and of course here on the website.


Why is SesamMe so good for you?

Sweets are an integral part of life.

When the craving starts, it is just irresistible …

At SesamMe we believe that sweets can be a combination of healthy nutrients and vitamins, and at the same time satisfy the desire of our sweet tooth.

​We believe the world is advancing towards healthier and more natural consumer habits, where the consumer knows the ingredients in the product they consume and whether those ingredients are healthy for them.

​Our products use the highest quality raw ingredients while maintaining the highest culinary hygiene standards.


Our Mission is to make people smile thanks to:

- Great quality and amazing flavours of sesame based products and other natural healthy products.

- A healthier alternative to the sweets available on the market.

- A unique shopping experience where the customer gets to pick from a wide range of flavours.

- Outstanding customer service, where the customer gets full clarity on product ingredients, allergens and flavour preferences.