About Halva


Halva is a sweet dessert from the Eastern Europe–Middle East area, each country has it’s own way of making Halva. The main difference is usually the base ingredient. At SesamMe we make it by blending the finest Tahini (ground sesame seeds) with sugar, foaming agent and then hand mixing in a variety of exciting natural flavours such as White Chocolate, Pistachio, and Cherry.​

Our Halva

The Halva we make at SesamMe is like no other! We use at least 60% Tahini in all our Halva’s, which is made by grinding our specially sourced Ethiopian sesame seeds in millstones. This is by far the highest percentage of Tahini in any Halva available on the market.
At SesamMe we pride ourselves on using natural ingredients only, we use real ingredients to provide real taste!


Our handmade Halva contains no gluten, is lactose free, wheat free and suitable for vegans. We also provide sugar free options without compromising on taste! Sadly, our Halva is not suitable for those with Coeliac Disease.  


Health Benefits

Halva is a guilt free treat option! Our base ingredient, sesame seeds, are a SUPER food and none of their health benefits are lost in the preparation process. Sesame seeds are a great source of calcium, iron, fibre and protein. They are also good for your blood pressure, have anti cancerous qualities, boost the immune system and increase metabolic rates.