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COVID Offer! 3 Whole Cakes for Only £125 Each!

Great for any winter celebration! Simply choose 3x 3.5Kg Whole Cakes, and use discount code: 3CAKESFOR£125 at checkout!

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Artisan Coated Nuts

Our New Signature Collection!

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Free UK Shipping Over £45!

We Now Ship to the EU too!

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Halva - the natural Tahini sweet.

Based on sesame, Halva is a product that provides an answer to sugar craving and also has health benefits. SesamMe’s Halva is handcrafted at premium quality level. Our Halva is mixed with natural ingredients like nuts, chocolate, fruit etc, with no artificial flavours. Halva comes in great flavours - what’s your favorite flavour?

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SesamMe's goal is

To spread the great qualities and amazing flavor of sesame to everyone that likes healthy and trendy food. We aim to introduce the world with SesamMe’s premium products. We hope that everyone who tastes our handcrafted Tahini and Halva will fall in love with them the way we did.

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